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Dear Guest,

Wiskat welcomes you to our "Seller" Registration Portal.

If you are interested in or planning on selling your products to the Chinese consumers directly, then Wiskat com is your gateway to this amazingly huge and promising market. As a valued seller on we aim to work with you to ensure smooth market exposure, operations and growth. Having our in-house experts on the ground in China is a valuable asset which is available to advise, guide and assist you, where possible and within reason, to ensure a mutually successful relationship. You are in the right place.

NOTE: Before you start the joining process, we would like to inform you that qualified Merchants must be based and operate from the United Kingdom, with high quality/standards product(s) and an excellent customer service to match.

To become a Merchant on, you will have to complete the following process:

  1. Using the customer support form  or via email ( send us a "request" to become a seller (Merchant). Your email must include the following information.
  • Your full name
  • Position in the company/organisation
  • Your company/organisation name, address and contact details
  • A brief introduction of your company, its products which you are willing/planning to sell on
  • Legal license(s) or incorporation certificate

NOTE: We may request from you further legal document(s) which may be required by the Chinese Authority’s concerning legal or laws covering trading and safety requirements e.g. if your product(s) is/are food related then Chinese hygiene and safety policies must be adhered to and consequently certificates/registration forms may be required as a prerequisite to commencement of trading.

  1. Once we receive your request/form, Wiskat will take 3 working days to process your request/application and start the verification process. We will contact you again and guide you through our legal verification process
  2. You will receive a copy of our Merchants Privacy Policy (MPP) for your inspection and agreement – this is to familiarise you/your organisation of Wiskat’s trading/operations terms and conditions.
  3. You will receive a document that explains the features available in and how the process of uploading, presenting and selling your selected product(s) work on our platform.
  4. Once you agree the MPP/Terms and Conditions in para 4 above, you will receive a contract from for your perusal, agreement and signature.
  5. After receives your signed copy of the contract, you will receive a welcome email containing a link to register, formally, on as a seller (Merchant).
  6. After successful registration of your seller (Merchant) account, you will receive a document, via email, which guides you – step by step on how to upload your product(s) on the platform. Our staff will also be available, via email, to assist you if/when needed to complete the process.
  7. As soon as you complete the registration, contractual and uploading processes successfully, you can start selling your products "live" on

If you have any further questions/queries, please feel free to use our customer support form to send us your query. We would be very happy to help you.