Shipping & payment information

Wiskat is not responsible for/nor deals with shipping or delivery processes for any customer ordered items/goods. Consequently, all shipping and/or delivery queries MUST be addressed to the appropriate Seller/Merchant for each individual product(s) ordered. However, Wiskat will monitor communication(s) between the Sellers and Customers to ensure full compliance with our Terms and Conditions and to ensure that the highest quality of Customer Services is maintained at all time.

Shipping within China

Shipping time 4-6 working days within China

Shipping costs China Standard Shipping One day Shipping
China 5€ 10€

Questions and Answers


The status of my package is shown as delivered - but I have not received it.
If your package has been delivered according to the tracking link, but has not arrived, it is best to contact Parcelforce immediately.
Sometimes there is an error here and the problem is quickly resolved. If this is not the case, we advise you to initiate a research assignment. So the package is officially reported missing. You can then send us these documents. We help you to get your package quickly.

How do I track my order?
To track your parcel, you can easily look in your user account under "my orders" As soon as your package is on its way, you will receive the tracking link via email and sms.

I am missing products
If you received an incomplete delivery, we are very sorry.
First of all, check if you can find two tracking links in your account. We may have sent the products in two packages.
If you can only find one tracking link for your order and you still have items missing, please answer the following questions via email:
What products are missing?
What is your order number?

You are not at home at the time of delivery? Then the following happens (only applies to orders within China):
1. Parcelforce will try to deliver your package to your neighbour. Please note that the neighbour may not be your direct neighbor, but someone in the same building or someone in the same block who can be reached easily.
2. If your neighbour is not present to accept the parcel, it will be taken to your local Parcelforce office and a note will be left in your mailbox. You need a valid ID to pick up your package. Your order stays in the parcel shop for a week before it is returned to us.

Please note: If your order is returned to us because you haven't picked it up within a week or because you accidentally provided an incorrect address, we will have to charge you a return shipping cost. package.

Accepted Payment options

1. Alipay Payment via Alipay

In case of questions, please feel free to contact us.